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Superyacht Careers Support Service

Careers Support Service

Superyacht Careeers Support Service, is a bespoke product, providing guidance to best prepare our customers to find a job in the Superyacht Industry.

How to successfully pitch Stewardess or Deckhand training to your parents

So, you’ve decided to train as a Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess! This is perhaps one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, and you...

5 Superyacht Deckhand duties you probably didn’t know about…

Deckhand/deck officer jobs on Superyachts are loads of fun - but did you know about these duties you’ll be expected to do? Read this blog to learn m...

becomoming a stewardess

7 skills every Superyacht Stewardess needs to succeed

If you’re thinking of applying for Superyacht Stewardess jobs, there are several skills you’ll need under your belt. Read this blog to learn what ...

How technology might change the Superyacht recruitment process

We discuss how the impact of Coronavirus may force a technology change in the yacht crew recruitment process.