So, you’ve decided to train as a Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess!

This is perhaps one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, and you’ve got so much to look forward to on your Stewardess and Deckhand training programs.

However, if you’re in the same boat as some of our previous students at Flying Fish, you may have an obstacle to overcome before you can get started: your parents’/carers’ approval.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about working on a Superyacht that regularly crop up – for example, that it’s just about partying, or that there really isn’t much work to be done or many skills to be learned – that your parents may be averse to.

They may also have reservations that the courses out there cost a lot of money, and whether training as a Stewardess or Deckhand will be worth your time and hard-earned savings.

Whatever the reason, it all boils down to your parents/carers being concerned for your wellbeing and your future. And the best way to combat their fears is with the facts!

This is something we know very well at Flying Fish, so we’ve shared the following top tips on how to successfully pitch your Deckhand or Stewardess training course to your parents…

7 top pitch points to share with your parents about Superyacht training:

1. “I’ll learn a load of new skills”

As mentioned above, one of the things your parents/carers may be unsure about in your training is whether you’ll actually pick up any useful and transferable skills – and the answer is: you absolutely will – and more than you probably expect!

As a Deckhand, for example, you’ll learn practical skills such as ropework, maintenance work, cleaning and driving a powerboat, and as a Stewardess, you’ll also learn powerboat driving, as well as undergo barista training, food safety, and much more – all skills that will be useful either when you start your Superyacht career, or in jobs in completely different industries!

As well as this, you’ll be training alongside other Deckhands and Stewardess, and you’ll have to develop your teamwork and communication skills in order to succeed in your training.

In fact, there’s no end to the skills you’ll pick up as part of Stewardess and Deckhand training programs – so that’s one worry off your parents’/carers’ minds already!

2. “It’s a chance to develop my independence”

Any good parent will hope for an opportunity for their child to develop their independence – and training as a Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess can provide just that!

When you embark upon Stewardess or Deckhand training, it could end up being one of the longest trips you’ve spent away from home since school or college, or the furthest away. Our courses at Flying Fish, for example, run for two weeks in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight (take a look at Google Maps and see how far away that is from you!)

Chances are, you’ll also be travelling to the training location on your own, rather than with friends or other students, as you would on an educational trip.

What’s more, you’ll be in charge of yourself during your training period; for example, making sure that you show up to training sessions on time, have everything you need on the day, source and/or prepare your own meals, and so on.

Here at Flying Fish, our team will of course be there to support you if you need anything, but the independence you’ll gain from just two weeks on one of our courses is phenomenal!

3. “The job and career opportunities are amazing”

Once you’ve completed your Superyacht Stewardess or Deckhand training programs, this is only the beginning.

As a Deckhand, you can either choose to stay in the role, or work your way up to Bosun, or work in other departments, such as engineering.

As a Stewardess, you can stay in the position, work your way up to becoming the Head Stewardess on board the yacht, or even try your hand at Deckhand work and progress upwards that way!

Whatever your ambitions, at Flying Fish, we’ll support you to find the right starting role for you and stay in touch in the years to come.

4. “Not to mention, the pay is fantastic once I qualify…”

As noted above, your parents may be worried about the costs of your training, and whether your hard-earned money could be made better use of.

However, you can happily tell them that the cost of your training pales in comparison to the amount of money you can make once you qualify.

More specifically, as a Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess, you could earn anywhere between €2,000 to €3,500 a month!

If it helps your case, though, we do also have course financing options here at Flying Fish, so you can spread the cost of your course over a longer period.

5. “And even if I don’t go into a yachting career, the experience is desirable in other industries!”

As we mentioned above, there are so many different skills you can pick up during your training – and most of them transferrable to other industries!

So, for example, if you’re doing your Superyacht training as part of a gap year and succeed in your barista and customer service training skills along the way, you’ll be able to get yourself a part time job in a bar, restaurant or pub to support you while you’re at uni!

6. “It’s totally safe”

Understandably, your parents/carers may be worried about your safety during your training (boats out on the water can seem like a dangerous prospect to many!).

You can reassure them very quickly here by telling them that Superyachts are actually incredibly safe, and you’ll not only be completing rigorous STCW Basic Safety Training during your course, but those training you and the people working on the Superyachts will know exactly what to do in the (very, very very) unlikely event that something going wrong.

7. “I’ll make amazing friends and have an unforgettable time!”

One of the best things about Superyacht Deckhand and Stewardess training is the people you’ll meet; people with so many different hobbies, experiences and interests, all of whom you can learn so much from.

As a result, you’ll also have the chance to make some amazing friends for life, and who you can make incredible memories with during your training!

You’ll also have the chance to enjoy the attractions and entertainment local to your training site – for example, there are tons of things to do near our crew houses in Cowes here at Flying Fish!

Hopefully you’ll now have all the tools in your arsenal to make a strong case to your parents/carers.

If they need a little more persuading, however, be sure to show them our selection of amazing Google Reviews from our graduates.

Once that’s done, it’s time to get your course booked!

You can find out more about the Superyacht Stewardess and Deckhand training programs we have available on our website and book them there, or get in touch with our team to talk about them in more detail.

Oh, and if your parents/carers still need convincing, don’t worry – we’ll be glad to have a chat with them, too!

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