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Yachtmaster Coastal Course
Yachtmaster Offshore Course
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Gap Year Australia

A Gap year with Flying Fish

If you are starting to think about your Gap Year, then there are hundreds of options to choose from. Flying Fish has been offering Gap Year adventure programmes in Sydney, Australia, the original Backpacker destination, since 1995.

We specialise in watersports training, and our Gap Year programmes all lead to professional qualifications that you can use to work in the yachting or watersports industry. Many of our Gap Year customers have gone on to successful careers in the Yachting Industry.

Becoming a Yachtmaster or Watersports Instructor provides not only qualifications but essential life skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills can be beneficial in many areas of life, both personally and professionally.


Yachtmaster Coastal Course
skills needed for superyacht career
Gap Year Australia

Travel to Sydney Australia

Australia is a popular destination for anybody that is looking to take a Gap Year or time out from work for a well-earned rest. While Europeans are hunkering down for the winter, Australia is gearing up for another year of surf and sunshine. 

Our structured programmes run from September to April see you on the water, as well as learning all the core skills to become a professional Yachtmaster or Water sports instructor.

You stay on in one of our appartments on the beautiful Manly Beach, arguably one of the best beaches in the world! Being a tourist hot spot, there are loads of fun activities to do, from surfing to sightseeing! The nightlife is amazing too.

Manly is a hot destination and is a great place to start the adventure.

Gap Year programmes with Flying Fish

Become a Yachtmaster Offshore sailor

Travel to Sydney, Australia to join our Yachtmaster Offshore course. Spend 12 weeks learning to become a professional skipper while injoying the delights of Austalia.

Gap Year Australia

Become a Dinghy Instructor

If you love to work on the beach then why not train to become a Dinghy Instructor then spend your summers in the sunshine

Flying Fish
Yachtmaster Ocean Course
Superyacht Stewardess Course
Gap Year Australia

Life after Flying Fish

Once you have completed your training with Flying Fish, the adventure does not stop. A lot of our graduates go on to travel around Australia or use their qualifications to start working in the Yachting or Watersports industry.

For example, we have seen graduates go onto work as a Dinghy instructors for one of the holiday companies. Use the Yachtmaster qualification to work on a luxury sailing yacht or even work as a Deckhand or Stewardess on a Superycht.

Teaching sailing is a brilliant job to do during your University summers, you pretty much have a guaranteed job and will spend months in the sun in any number of stunning destinations around Europe.

Training with Flying Fish provides the adventure and qualifications that you can use for life!

Start planning your gap year

Planning a gap year can be an exciting and challenging process, it requires careful consideration and preparation. Our team can help you organise your Gap Year and offer you all the advice and reassurance you need.

All our gap year programmes take place in Sydney, Australia the origional Gap Year destination. You will live in Manly, learn to sail, surf and have a great time!

Ready to take your gap year with Flying Fish?

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