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What is a Superyacht

A Superyacht is the name given to a privately owned sailing or powered yacht that is over 24m in length. Superyachts are owned by people who are looking for the ultimate in luxury and are prepared to pay for it.

Each Superyacht is designed and built to the owners specific specifications so each yacht is unique to that owner. The cost to build a luxury yacht is around £1,000,000 per meter.

Some Superyachts are available for charter as they offer guests a unique holiday experience. The attraction of complete privacy away from prying lenses make them an attractive destination for the rich and famous. Superyachts don’t come cheap with the average 65m yacht chartering for around $600,000 per week.

Superyachts come with an array of toys to play with

The number large yachts has increased over the years, with some private yachts today over 150m in length. These massive yachts are sometimes known as Gigayachts.

Superyachts have a team of processional crew that live and work onboard 365 days a year. Superyacht crew are tasked with the running and maintenance of these complex vessels. As the yachts get bigger they require an army of staff to keep them running. If you are board with your 9-5, would like to make the Ocean your Office then you might consider starting a career on a Superyacht

Ulysses Superyacht
worlds largest superyacht lit up at night
ultimate guide to working on superyachts


The ultimate guide to working on Superyachts