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Training record book

A training record book is part of the qualification requirements for a Deckhand who is looking to progress to Officer of the Watch on a Superyacht.

The Training Record book (TRB) must be fully completed and presented to the MCA examiner as part of the oral exam.

It can be downloaded for free using the link below. We recommend that you bind the book or place it in a file for safekeeping.

Training Record book – Free download

What is the purpose of the Training Record book?

As part of your job as a Deckhand, you will learn new skills and techniques. The Officers will be able to sign off the skills detailed in the book once he or she is satisfied with your competency.

The book will form part of the presentation to the MCA examiner during your oral exam to show that you are competent in the practical elements of the job.

It should take around a year to complete all the skills listed in the Training Record Book. For crew on a busy yacht, you may be able to complete all the skills much more quickly. However, don’t rush as you may be asked about some of the skills during the MCA Oral exam for OOW.


MCA notice Min 521 was introduced in February 2021. If you have completed 36 months of “Actual Sea service” in vessels over 24m in length. Actual sea service is defined as time spent at sea, which may include time at anchor, river, and cancel transits.

Despite the exemption, we recommend that Deckhands complete the Training Record book, as it shows progress and if you move to a different yacht you can demonstrate competency.

If you are new to the Superyacht industry and would like to learn more about working as a Deckhand then we can help you start a new career.