Not going to Uni? Looking for a gap year to give yourself time to think about what is next? Trying to decide whether to take a Gap Year, go to uni, or get a job can be a difficult decision. Rest assured, you are not on your own, we get many phone calls from people looking for careers advice on this very subject.

Courses we provide a genuine alternative to university:

– Become a Watersports Instructor in Australia
Work on a Superyacht, travel the world, and start earning great money

If you have decided not to go to Uni, you could always change your mind. You could get a job for a year. If you ask people in their 40’s, ” What do you want to do with your life?” I recon most will say “no idea!”.

By the time I was in year 10 I had decided that I was not going to uni, I had been working in a shop during school summer holidays and enjoyed the money and freedom it provided me, plus I just liked working and wanted a break from the routine of school. Most students at my school who were academic went on to complete A-levels then to University. The rest left at 16 to complete an Apprenticeship or look for work. There was a small brave group who decided to travel and this was their gap year.

I was at school 20 years ago, but today things are much different and people have a lot more choices. In 2010 the cap on university tuition fees was lifted, with 76% of Universities charging the full £9,250 per year. Many students are leaning on the bank of Mum and Dad to help pay for University but for many who leave Uni today they have a debt of over £50,000 to pay back, at an eye watering interest rate of 6% (at the time of writing).  This leaves many thinking whether getting a degree is really worth the investment. Now, I don’t want to put anybody off going to uni as getting a good education and getting a degree is a good thing but there are alternatives!

Take a year out to think about your options

We see a lot of customers who decide to push the decision of going to uni or not back a year and travel, work or get a qualification in something they enjoy and find a job in that field. What if I was to tell you that you could take a year our, get a qualification, travel and maybe, with the right mindset you could turn this into a full-time career?

Flying Fish has been providing gap year programmes for customers not going to uni for over 20 years! We offer Watersports Instructor courses Australia. You get a qualification, have an amazing time, see the world, and give yourself some time to think about your options. Once qualified as a Watersports Instructor you have the opportunity to work for a holiday company, teaching Windsurfing or Dinghy sailing on a beautiful beach while earning money!

If, after your gap year, you then decide to go to Uni the skills that you will have learnt as an Instructor like, leadership, communication, work ethic, and the ability to problem solve are invaluable skills that you will not learn during any University degree but are what ALL employers expect of their staff. Not to forget that all important life experience and amazing memories you would be taking away from it!

Even the famous US Ivy League Universities encourage students to take a gap year as it is now accepted that travel and learning a new skill does help with future career prospects and you will experience different cultures and working practices that may benefit you in future careers.

If you are looking at a career, why not a job on a Superyacht?

A superyacht is large, sometimes a huge luxury private 5 star beautiful yacht, owned by the worlds richest people who want the ultimate luxury and privacy. These large yachts need a plethora of trained Deckhands, Stewardesses as well as a Captain and Engineers to make sure they run efficiently and safely. You won’t find many Superyachts in the UK as most choose to spend their time in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Flying Fish train a number of crew each year who have chosen not to go to uni and are looking for travel and adventure while having a job that is fulfilling and well paid. Working on a superyacht provides this in spades! You will spend your time in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Typically a Deckhand or Steward/ess are paid 2,500 euros per month. If working on a charter boat then there are tips too. Many crew earn around 20,000 euros in tips each season, on top of their salary. Now, it has to be said that working as a Deckhand or Stewardess on a superyacht is hard graft and you will be away from home for long periods of time, but the rewards are worth it.

If you are not going to uni then there are other options for you. If you would like more advice about working on a Superyacht then do contact us for more help and guidance on the options available to you.