There are relationships that start whilst working on board superyachts, however you may already be in one and wondering whether it is possible for both of you to get a job on the same yacht.

The quick answer is – yes, it is possible for couples to get a yacht crew jobs together, however there are different challenges you may face.

Whilst we can’t be the voice for all superyachts, from our experience of training deckhands and stewardesses, the ones who are in a relationship have gone on to be successful as a couple and work together on yachts.

Initially, you may find very polar opinions from captains and recruitment agencies with regards to working as a couple on a yacht.

Some view people in relationships as being more reliable and settled. This in turn may mean you are less likely to party and/or go astray.

You are probably also willing to go the extra mile to help each other out when work gets tough on board the yacht. This is especially useful on small boats where the team always need to be looking out for one another.

However, every couple in the world will have an argument at some point, which may disrupt and disturb the harmony on board the ship.

Cabin arrangements can be tricky on bigger boats for couples, but smaller boats will be more accommodating, but the salaries are normally slightly lower.

This may sound obvious, but you must also remember to try to join in…some couples spend a lot of time with each other and forget to integrate themselves into the team.

This can be a concern for the captain who wouldn’t want a disjointed workforce.

There will be some jobs you apply for where the captain feels strongly about not having a couple on board, therefore you will just have to accept that boat is not for you and move on.

How to get a job on a yacht as a couple

There will be a few ‘couple friendly’ jobs, but the most common and easiest route to getting work as a couple on a yacht is to apply as an individual.

There will be far more opportunities and this way offers the path of least resistance to get your foot through the door and establish a good working relationship with the boat.

Then when another position becomes available, you will be in a great position to put your partner forward as a candidate.

If you start off working hard and get along with the crew, they will trust your recommendation and chances are you will be working as a couple in no time.  

When applying for roles, keep your yachting CV’s separate. Having your CV separate will look more professional and remember you are an individual with your own experiences and strengths.

Once you get through the initial screening phase, now is the perfect time to bring up you are in a relationship and your goal is to work together.

The boat will want to know that you have a strong relationship and if you have worked together before. It would be good to be armed with answers and to have a strong reference that can back this up.

So, you may have to prepare yourselves to be working separately for a while but keep focused on that goal of working together.

There is superyacht work out there for couples, so with the right attitude and perseverance, you will be able to find work and start a new exciting career together.

If you decide to do a Superyacht Course with Flying Fish, we can help you as much as possible while you prepare for this incredible industry.