If you have recently completed an ENG1 medical and have failed the Ishihara test which tests colour vision then don’t give up hope as there is another test that can be completed which may prove helpful

For many years the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) offered a free colour vision test at their head office in Southampton to seafarers who had failed their ENG1 medical, due to colour vision. It was called the “Lantern test” and was available to anybody who wanted to be retested

The new colour vision test is called the Colour Assessment Diagnosis test or CAD for short which measures the severity and type of colour vision loss and reliably detects congenital deficiency. The CAD test was developed by a leading university for both the Maritime and Aviation sectors. The new CAD test is not free, depending on the university chosen the CAD test will cost between £100 and £150. It may take up to two weeks to get an appointment, so do book early.

If you fail the CAD colour vision test it will mean that a medical certificate may only be issued with a restriction precluding lookout duties at night. Deck officers or trainees officers who have failed the Ishihara test and the CAD test will be classed as permanently unfit

We advise all customers who are starting out in the Maritime industry to complete their ENG1 medical before starting training, you can find more information about the medical here

For more details about the new CAD test and where to book your test then please refer to NIN 564